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Oil spills can happen when oil is delivered. Who is responsible Anyone who uses, stores, fills, transports or manufactures hazardous substances, such as oils, is responsible for making sure the substance is contained and used in a way that won’t result in a release to the environment.

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I have a ''95 Chevy S10 4.3 liter V6 Vortec. There was oil in my radiator so I replaced the intake gaskets. But, it has started doing it again. I changed the oil last week, but I now I''m

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15/9/2016· No leaks and the smell is gone and the coolant level is holding so far. Upper hose was 194 degrees and the lower was 137. So hopefully filling the reservoir solved it? (I don’t see how ) the only other thing relating to the smell would be the oil filter cap.

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11/12/2013· No Laughing Matter Most of us, at one time or another, have witnessed a horse tilt up his head and curl his upper lip in a "horse laugh." Although the expression is amusing, it actually has a

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16/10/2019· If you don’t have this blue smoke and yet you smell burning oil, there’s a chance that the issue is an externally burning oil. The fundamental reason why this occurs is that oil escapes from somewhere and lands onto a hot surface on the underside of your car.

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17/4/2012· I have a 2001 GC 4.7 with 186k. It has been burning oil for year and a half now. I have switched to Castrol High Milage 10W40 and a quart of Lucas Oil Stop Leak at every oil change. It was burning a quart every 2k, but now it has declined to 1/2 a quart every 3k. I decided to change my PCV

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Fuel smell in the radiator without a cloud of steam usually indies a head cracked in or around the exhaust port, since this area is almost always under some kind of pressure and won''t allow much -- if any -- water to enter the exhaust stream.

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Smell is often called humans’ most powerful sense, and good (and bad) smells tell us a lot about the world: what we should eat, even whom we should kiss. When it comes to our homes, if a space smells fresh, that’s a great sign.

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(PCV) System - One Of The Biggest Causes Of Engine Oil Sludge Did you know the most common problem in the (PCV) system; is a plugged up (PCV) valve. Another problem is a lack of air flow to carry vapors from the crankcase. So, Without air flow, moisture

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After the car sits for 15 minutes, look under it for a fresh puddle of antifreeze-colored fluid. If there is no puddle but you smell the sweet aroma of antifreeze, kneel down and scan the vehicle

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I have a dozen older regular hoses that will all be replaced with Flexilla hoses as they fail (which they all will). This hose is the only true no-kink hose on the marked that I have found so far. The big box store hoses are all junk..I''ve thrown out many hoses in the last 15 years because they leaked or kinked up so bad they were unusable.

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Methane Smell Methane gas smell or cloudy water is typically caused by decaying organics in oil well fields, or housing areas built above old city dump sites where the decaying organics have penetrated the water source / aquifer.

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You have a problem if you have oil leaks, transmission fluid leaks or a car leaking water. Figure out the cost of repairs and if your car is worth fixing. If you need to undergo a major repair, it may make more sense to sell your car online.

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Air intake hoses are used to send controlled air to the internal coustion engine intake manifold. Worn or cracked air intake hoses can leak, which can impact vehicle operation negatively. If an engine idles too fast, even after backing off the fuel injection or air

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24/10/2020· How to Snake-Proof Your Yard. Despite whatever you have read or heard, there are no smell or taste “repellents” scientifically proved to shoo snakes away. This stands to reason

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off taking action or assume the problem will go away. The quicker the leak can be dealt with, the less oil will be lost and further damage can be minimised. If you have a spill, follow these steps: If there’s a strong smell of oil in your home, ventilate the area by

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I was given an oil change, but got no feedback on the inspection and when inquired about it the mechanic who did the oil change just said "you''re good to go." Fast forward 3-4 months later and there is oil pooling underneath my car.

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This is where your oil filter comes in handy. It captures any harmful debris, dirt, and metal fragments that have finagled their way into your system. With a clean oil filter in place, more material gets picked up. More material getting picked up means cleaner oil.


Our hoses have handled over 1000 degree F. in one hour increments and 600 degree F. continuously for 168 hours (1 week) . The majority of other manufactures will fall somewhere in the 300 degree F. to 550 degree F. maximum range. 5. Are cold air intake

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30/7/2020· Slimy with a sweet smell. Look at the radiator hoses, coolant reservoir and radiator. If the leaking fluid at the tailpipe has a sweet smell, it indies coolant from a bad head gasket or other failed internal engine part is burning in the coustion chaer.

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No restriction - full flow - true .725" ID for 3/4" Fips - true 1" ID for 1" Fips flexes Rated at 200 psi working pressure Burst pressure 1850 psi Temperature Rating: -40 F to +220 F The manufacturer recommends a non-toxic silicone based lubricant be used on Fips

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Oil leak with visible drips on concrete garage floor, oil residue and build up around oil pump, constant smell of burning oil. Took it to dealer, replaced all seals and gaskets. After 2 weeks, the problem is back so I''m taking the 2002 BMW 530i back to the dealer

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2/10/2020· No worries, some brilliant minds have invented a device called the boost leak tester. This device does exactly what it is supposed to; it tests leaks for you, so you don’t have to. This is a great tool for anybody who is not experienced in car work and also for those of you who don’t want to spend money taking their car to the nearest mechanical workshop.

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Radiator hoses are designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to over 250 degrees F. They must also resist chemical attack by coolants and other materials, such as oil and mud, tar and road debris, salt and ozone.

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The diaphragms in the check valves rupture, the check valves crack, the hoses deteriorate and oil sludge builds up in the hoses and valves that can partially or fully clog, or block, the system. We have designed kits for both the V8 and the 6-cylinder appliions that give you everything that you’ll need in order to repair and renew the crankcase ventilation systems.

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We specialize in RAVENOL oils and our BLAU(r) motor oil and transmission fluid change kits for European, Import and Domestic vehicles. We also offer Audi parts and VW parts in convenient kits. Free shipping over $99, earn rewards, and easy returns!

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No. As far as I can tell, there is no reason that Vaseline might gradually degrade the rubber O-ring on which it has been applied. O-rings that are manufactured for automotive purposes do tend to be made in a rather durable fashion so as to be able to withstand whatever sort of fluids that might accidentally get spilt during car maintenance.

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24/6/2008· The 6.0 can''t suck oil through an intake gasket leak because the intake is seperate from the lifter gallery and has no direct tie in with any oil except for the PCV and the breather tube that goes from the valve cover to the side of the throttle body.